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Diving safari Rocky island

A Rocky island in Egypt - one of the true treasures of the Red Sea. It is located 50 km off the Egyptian coast. A cruise ship is the only way to reach it. Rocky Island is a popular place for diving, which attracts tourists with the beauty of overland and underwater world. A great amount of sea creatures make their relaxation unforgettable.

It’s an ideal place to escape from the city noise and enjoy a memorable holiday away from people and their everyday problems … And diving liveaboard Rocky island makes it comfortable and fully exotic.

Sites of Rocky Island

Rocky - a very small deserted island, measuring about 500 by 300 meters. It’s narrow, from 5 to 15 meters. The barrier reef surrounds the perimeter. Almost vertical walls of the reef drop off from the water's edge down to 70-80 meters, where the break turns into a wide plateau (approximately 100 m). It gently descends to depths of 100-120 m., and then begins the second reduction into the abyss.

There are no protected bays that’s why overnight stays and night dives aren’t carried out on the island.

North Coast

The North Coast of Rocky is opened to the prevailing north winds. It makes the surf zone sometimes extreme along the coastline and dive off the boat is not possible. A strong north-east flow covers the reef at both sides. In the north the flow is the strongest. That’s why this place is not for beginners. Also there are very steep walls. A strong flow can make a drift dive very swift, and the strong surface waves are sometimes felt even in the considerable depth. In some places the water near the shore is twisted in crevices and ledges.

South Coast

South Coast - the most protected and thus the most suitable site for the less experienced divers. The site is remarkable with the numerous coves, inlets and cracks in the wall of the reef at all depths.

In the south-eastern extremity, at depths ranging from 16 to 35 m. from the wall of the reef there are the small peaks. They form natural observation platforms for the "Theatre of sharks." Hovering over this area, you get a chance to see sharks.

Beauty of diving safari Rocky island

The entire perimeter of the island is surrounded by a reef with beautiful soft corals, gorgonians, sea fans, sponges and black coral trees. Also everlasting undersets provide the diversity of underwater life. Frequent dwellers here are: sea nettles, reef sharks, especially hammerhead sharks, grey and oceanic whitetips, blue rays, sometimes manta rays, fish, sailfish and dolphins. Fishing livestock is diverse: surgeons fish, triggerfish and barracuda, and a huge napoleon fish; sweetlips alternate with large fish, parrots and colorful butterfly fish. All these sea animals can make your diving safari Rocky island wonderful and charming.

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