Diving safari deep south

Deep diving is a great choice to spend your time

Have you ever been dreaming about liveaboard vacation? Now, you have a nice possibility to make your dreams come true and turn all plans and wishes into a fancy reality. Just take a look at abilities to encounter liveaboard dive trips from around the world and then be brave, an take it on your own!

You may be familiar with a deep dive concept, that is with a dive which depth is below about 98 ft. On this depth, nitrogen narcosis becomes a significant risk for some people among divers, that is why as it was said previously, it is considered as a "deep dive" usually. Apart of this, that depth requires providing of a special equipment (like an atmospheric diving suit, which is capable to stand pressure on a great depth) and procedures.

Places to dive

It is hard to underestimate the importance of choosing the right place for deep diving. The choice is most dependent on you personal preferences and proclivities. Let us consider several variants of diving sites.

Live-aboard diving on South

You may be interested in a diving liveaboard deep south. If you prefer this, your final destinations may include the Bahamas, or Turks, or incredible Caicos, or maybe Cayman Islands, or sweet Hawaii, or Dominican Republic, Micronesia or something completely different.

Let's take it more concrete. For instance, west coast of a Thailand is known as one of the best variants for diving holydays. You will be able to explore Somalian Islands, as well as Richelieu Rock. The beauty of these places is adorable, it will impress you greatly.

Experiencing the diving live aboard deep south is a great possibility to undergo the best diving places. It can be the Red Sea, for example, because it is another famous site for diving vacations. One can take diving safari deep south to Sinai Peninsula or Sudan. Great riches of the Red Sea, and it's surrounding desert can make this tour incredibly unforgettable.

If you would like to take a company on diving vacation with you

Diving in a group it is a really nice idea to encounter diving together with your friends. You can chose place together and get an unbelievable observations, as well as fantastic memories about the diving safari deep south.

Notice, that your experience strongly depends on the professionalism of your diver-companion.

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