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There are many places that attract tourists with its rich flora and fauna on the Egyptian shores of the red sea. There are beaches where the coral reef is located so close to the water surface that it can be viewed with the help of the underwater mask, and there are more of deep bays, where you would need diving suits and other equipment for diving. One of the places, where tourists are seeking for the greatest impressions, is the Elphinstone Reef.

The Elphinstone Reef is the place for experienced divers

The reef Elphinstone (Elphinstone Reef) is a real gem of a diving Safari in the region of Marsa Alam. This is one of the best reefs for "wall" diving. The name of this reef has been given in 1830 by an English explorer and navigator, Hubert Murray, in honor of the Lord from Scotland John Elphinstone, which has occupied later the position of Governor of Bombay. Now here, near the Elphinstone Reef, a memorial to the researchers is installed.

Elphinstone Reef in the Marsa Alam has quite an interesting shape: oblong with two flat plateaus, each of which has the arched intricacies. Exploring them by thr non-professional divers is impossible and even dangerous, because they are at a considerable depth (in the southern part the depth of the arch reef is 56 m). Reef Marsa Alam has a complex bottom topography. Because the reef sits very deeply, experienced divers advise to start diving from the Western part of this reef.

Plunging from the south of the reef Elphinstone, you can see an amazing panorama of the plateau, which is at a depth of 20 m. It gradually descends to 40 m, where it forms an acute angle, from which down into the black unavailable depths go vertical walls. This cliff brings experience, for which fans of extreme sports sail in the area of Elphinstone Reef in Marsa Alam. You also need to remember that around the reef is a very strong undertow that is dangerous for inexperienced divers.

Beauty is a great power

There is a full of life near this impressive reef in Marsa Alam. Coral growths, painted in all shades of pink, red, burgundy, white and brown colors grow (about 1.5-2 cm per year). You can admire by their whimsical shapes for a long time, but it is even more interesting to observe the inhabitants of this reef.

Many types of a variety of fish, animals and plants live in the reef and form its unique ecosystem. Little fishes, painted in different colors for example, the clown fish (known to the world for the animated film "Finding Nemo"), larger species (groupers, eels) and large predators such as whitetip reef sharks, barracudas, hammerhead and many other species of fish - this diversity of the fauna leaves a lasting impression, combined with the unique beauty of the reef Elphinstone.

Today, Marsa Alam is not included in the list of historical heritage of Egypt. However, it's major advantage in the field of tourism is the red sea coast, fantastically beautiful, always warm and comfortable to stay.

It is very important, when plunging into the depths of the reef in Marsa Alam, do not forget about your own safety and follow all the instructions of the trainers.

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