Diving liveaboard St Johns

The reef system of St Johns (St.Johns Reef) is located 40 km from the Sudanese border and 20 km southeast of Zabargad Island. This is the southernmost group of reefs that are available for a diving safari in Egypt.

It is a set of individual seamounts and reefs that rise from the giant underwater plateau. Their tops almost reach the surface. They are expanding under water and their base reaches a considerable size.

Dozen beautiful dive sites are on St. John, many of which have not explored. Here you will find vertical walls with strong currents and shallow coral gardens, untouched by man.

Of the dozen reefs in St.John's Reef is the most popular perhaps the reef Wood (St John's Wood) or Umm Elerog.

Diving on this site are very difficult to describe in words, it is something incredible. In front of you, there is a large cylindrical pillar around which are scattered hundreds of small coral columns have a different width. Some of them are just a few meters from the water surface, while others stopped halfway.As true the trees they have coral branches, wrapped in hundreds of multi-colored small fish like real leaves. This combination gives you the feeling of being in the forest and if you have been there were not, then you just need to visit this site. Good luck in the search for mushrooms! Real coral fungal giant!

Bending around columns is simply impossible to predict what you will see around the bend. This can be a large or a fairy glade illuminated by sunlight, yellow fish, butterflies, coral or small, has become home to small fish. Somewhere in this wondrous woods resting on the sand couple stingrays. They allow you to take pictures of themselves in exchange for the first place in your photo album.

Different colors of soft corals can be easily seen through the exquisite fan gorgonians. You can see starfish, fish-dogs, barracuda, resting White Tip sharks and moray eels. Here, for the weak, 24ºC water temperature and on the north side of the reef is lowered to 22°C.

Cave Reef is a labyrinth formed by hundreds fused together coral pillars. Diving at this site is suitable for divers of all skill levels. Basically, the cave opened. The sun's rays play a glare on the sandy bottom, giving a sense of the unreality of the world that automatically start to admire the talent of nature that has created such a miracle.

You feel like a real pioneer, as you wade through the narrow aisles, where you can find many nooks and hundreds of reef fish. Quite often you can see a shark. Entrance to the cave is located at 17 meters and all wading further into them, they are still above the surface and in some places reaches 2-9 meters. Marine dwellers - turtles, napoleon - they gather to feed at the welcoming slopes. You can see the fish-rhinos, fish-surgeons and hammerhead sharks and gray reef sharks.

Reef Habili Ali also refers to the reef system of St John's. Steep walls covered with huge gorgonian fans, sponges, and black soft corals. The reef has not yet reached the water surface, the apex is located at a depth of 5m. This is an excellent place to observe the fish-parrot, gray shark and hammerhead shark.

Reef Big Gotha has steep walls, disappearing into the depths. On the south side, it adjoins a small plateau on which full of life - a huge variety of sea creatures, from small fish to large marine predators-sharks, small caves and beautiful corals.

Reef Small Gotha can easily completely go around during the dive. Picturesque walls are covered with colorful soft corals and gorgonians black. You can see sharks and majestic manta rays.

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