Diving liveaboard Brothers islands

For many thousands of years untouched beautiful coral gardens have risen around these remote rocky peaks. The district of the Brothers Islands, which is only available for diving with accommodation on the courts, offers a steep underwater trenches and the extraordinary meeting with the sharks.

Diving liveaboard Brothers Islands: solitary rocks

Brothers Islands consist of two large rocks, called little Brother and Big Brother, located 1.6 km apart, and 58 km from the coast in the Northern part of the red sea. Rising from the depths of the sea, they form steep walls that serve as a foundation for reefs teeming with life, and the upward flow of nutrient-rich water and the swirling currents bring large and small fish.

Big Brother has a length of 300 meters and width of 40 meters. Terrestrial attraction of the island is the lighthouse built by the British in 1880. The lighthouse had a simple system: normal paraffin lamp plus Fren’s lenses. The beacon light had covered 27 km. At present, the lighthouse is converted. The staff of the Maritime Police are usually positive and allow tourists to tour the lighthouse, allow photo and video shooting. Peculiar properties of the lighthouse of the 19th century are fully preserved.

During the diving safari Brothers Islands, at depths near the Islands, along the sheer breaking walls you can find sharks, barracudas and other deep-sea fish. On the walls of the Islands hard corals, many gorgonians (fan corals, whips), different types of soft corals grow.

Meeting with the sharks

In addition to the diversity and richness of the colors of reefs, walls of the Brothers give amazing shark encounters. The usual for these places are the white and gray reef sharks, although there is also often silver-end shark, bronze hammerhead shark, and oceanic whitetip sharks. If you're lucky, you may even meet a fox shark. Her tail in the form of acute braid gives this animal easily recognizable, even unique, appearance. Keep in mind that you can meet these predators at any time, even if you have planned a holiday in Egypt in March.

The wrecks on the reef

Another attractive aspect of this place are two shipwrecks — the Aida and Numidia. Both wrecks are heavily covered by soft and hard corals and they are homes for fish and moray eels. Numidia, an old cargo ship, lies down, leaning at a very acute angle at the North end of the rock, which it faced in 1901, Her bow section is at a depth of 8 meters, but the feed is dropped to 80 meters.

Another victim of Big Brother was the Italian military transport ship Aida which sank in 1957 during the transport of troops. Well-preserved "Aida" has overgrown by marine organisms. Night dives are not conducted on Brothers Islands. Daily dive program starts at dawn, during daylight hours the stated number of dives must be carried out. Moreover in winter season from October to April a shorter diving live aboard Brothers Islands can be realized. This is due to the shorter than in the summer period from may to September, daylight hours. The number of dives is not guaranteed, depending on weather conditions, specific weeks, special conditions of contract if any.

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